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5 places to visit for your new year’s resolution

5 places to visit for your new year’s resolution

5 - Great Barrier Reef (Australia)


Great Barrier Reef is one of largest reefs on the planet comprised of a network of reefs. 2,900 reefs and 900 islands make this beautiful location a must visit this summer. Located off the coast of the Queensland, Australia it is an experience your have to tick off your list. The Barrier Reef stretches over 130,000 square miles and is so large that it can be seen from outer space. It’s a very popular tourist destination which can be very busy in the hotter climates so we advise getting your tickets and accommodation as early as possible.


4 - Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)


Next up on our top 5 locations is the Pyramid of Giza. This takes our 4th spot for being the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The pyramid is one of three pyramids which form the Giza pyramids complex. The pyramid is located on the border of El Giza, Egypt. We advise when you go you set a good amount time of your holiday for the pyramids as there are near-by pyramids surrounding it which are also a sight to see.


3 - Grand Canyon (USA)


The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, USA and stretches 277 miles long. The canyon is a natural structure carved by the Colorado River. The canyon has been inhabited for thousands of years by Native Americans who lived in either natural or man-made caves. In many areas of the Grand Canyon you can find areas were pilgrimages were performed by Pueblo people who considered it a holy site. We can guarantee this will be jaw-dropping experience to say the least.


2 - Machu Picchu (Peru)


Moving on up our list is Machu Picchu. A 15th-century Inca Empire fortress located over 2,400 meters above sea level. It is commonly said that the fort was built as an estate for an Inca emperor known as Pachacuti. The fort has 3 structures, Inti Watana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Room of the Three Windows. Luckily for you the compound has been reconstructed to give you a better version of what the original structure looked like at the time.


1 - The Great Wall of China (China)


The Great Wall of China is a series of walls built from the 7th century to protect the Chinese empire at the time. The wall goes from east-to-west across the historical borders of China. What remains from the Great Wall of China are structures from the Ming empire or also known as The Empire of the Great Ming (14th Century). This location takes our top spot for its position in the seven world wonders combined with the fact it is said to be the most fulfilling journey tourist experience. Tourist can set aside up to a month exploring the wall and all of its historical significance. 

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