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Building collapses in Iran - Many feared dead

Building collapses in Iran - Many feared dead

A fire started in a 17-storey building at 7:13am in Iran's capital city, Tehran. Although it is unknown, it is assumed that many were still inside the blazing fire. After many attempts to evacuate the area, 25 fire fighters are reported missing and said to have died. After the fire fighters put out the fire, many left in the vicinity were evacuated. To much of everyone’s surprise the fire reignited and the second wave of inferno took down the building and with it many local businesses. Over the course of several hours over 200 hundred people to help battle the fire and stop it spreading.


The building is seen as a local monument as it was the first high-rise building in Tehran, residing just a few blocks away from the British embassy. Today it is the local go-to for the garment industry holding many workshops for textiles. Local businesses are hit the hardest as their life efforts were seen crumbling right before their eyes. 

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