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Top 6 money transfer providers of 2016

Top 6 money transfer providers of 2016

This year SendThatCash vowed to bring our users a transparent and valuable money transfer comparison, and in achieving that, we felt we shouldn’t stop there. As the year comes to an end we are ready to announce SendThatCash’s top 6 money transfer providers of 2016. We have put together a list of carefully selected money transfer and foreign exchange providers who our users believe have brought them the best service. All our providers have been phenomenal in giving the best customer service, which is why we have left the decision to our very own users. So without further ado we bring you our top 6 money transfer providers of 2016.


#6 - Tramonex - 3.9/5


Starting off at 6th place is Tramonex with a strong 3.9 stars out of 5. Tramonex has grown into a strong player in the money transfer industry, giving household names a run for their money. They have proven multiple times to get the best exchange rates for our customers whilst delivering a quality and speedy service.


Since opening its doors in 2013, Tramonex quickly emerged on the market and made a name for themselves. Our regular remitters have shown to gravitate towards them time and time again during their money transfer comparison, and we understand why.


#5 - FC Exchange – 4.1/5


If you are looking for rates which will cover a multitude of countries, then FC Exchange will be sure to deliver. With a large feedback from our users describing them as a broker which knows much about customer loyalty. FC Exchange has received responses which says only one thing, brand loyalty goes both ways. Giving their loyal remitters a rate which can’t be seen on the market today is one way to solidify your position as the “people’s choice”.


#4 - Transfer Wise – 4.3/5


Besides their ability in being able to deliver an excellent service to their customers and bringing in 4.3 stars out 5, Transfer Wise have been given a stamp from SendThatCash for their excellent turnaround for their money transfers. Our users have shown that if there is one thing that makes their brand favourite, it’s a delivery of service that can’t be beaten. With an average of half a day turnaround on a transfer delivery, they have earned their position at 4th place.


#3 – Halo Financial – 4.4/5


Halo Financial has been a foreign exchange provider for many years now and each year Halo has displayed the hunger to give more to their customers. Coming in at 3rd place Halo maintains a significantly high user retention because of its consistency for competitive exchange rates. Many of our users choose Halo Financial because they’re looking for a provider they will need for a repeat money transfer, and they deliver on this excellently.


#2 - Currency Fair – 4.6/5


Currency Fair is one of the most user focused provider we have seen. Providing money transfer predominantly to Europe, it has given its customers what most providers do not offer, a service which caters to both ends of the market. If you are sending in the hundreds or thousand’s Currency Fair can deliver. Our users have voted Currency Fair for 2nd place, calling it “A provider which never fails”.


#1 - UK Forex – 4.9/5


UK Forex takes this years first place with an astonishing 4.9 stars out of 5. They have proved themselves to be the nations favourite. UK Forex has taken the top spot for their ability to reach a diverse reach of countries for SendThatCash’s users. Covering all major cities and countries in almost every continent, its hard to not take the top spot.


UK Forex has demonstrated its ability to serve customers, not just in a vast number of money transfer corridors, but with a variety of currencies which are otherwise difficult for remitters to exchange. UK Forex serve in countries where they are granted exclusive access to currency exchange, allowing them to cover those niche areas of the foreign exchange market which many do tap into.


There you have it, SendThatCash’s top 6 money transfer providers of 2016. We hope we have continued to deliver a complete transparent review of the money transfer and foreign exchange market. 

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