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Mexico wall construction will begin “relatively soon” says President Trump

Current United States and Mexican borders

US Mexico relations have never been more hostile. President Trump has reminded us time and time again about his commitment to the physical Mexican border he will build. Newly elected Donald Trump has made sure that he cements his place as a president by fulfilling as many of his campaign agenda’s in the first 100 days.


One of his promises was to build a physical wall between United States of America and Mexico. Trump’s campaign was largely to do with the American economy and how Mexico was the culprit with leniency on illegal immigration to America. In responses to critics, he reminded us today that “relatively soon” he will sign off on construction of the wall.  


In his sit down with ABC’s David Muir he stated “as soon as we can, as soon as we can physically do it.” When asked, “for months?” by Muir, his response was “I would say in months, Yeah.”


It is uncertain, whether Mexico will actually pay for the wall, however President Trump also states how US tax money will be used for construction. Trump insistently explains that it will be reimbursed by the Mexican government. It is also unclear whether this “reimbursement” will actually be in money or as described “in form”.


Although this was the first step taken in an attempt to commit to his agenda, we are yet to determine whether this construction is in fact in the pipeline. We can expect that this talking point will definitely have a ripple effect on the financial markets across the globe. 

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