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HiFX joins SendThatCash in money transfer comparison

HiFX joins SendThatCash in money transfer comparison

SendThatCash has always been a consumer driven platform, striving to seek the best in money transfer comparison. Achieving the best comparison possible requires the correct tools to ensure full transparency of the foreign exchange market. It also requires a collection of quality money transfer providers who can deliver such a service which our customer can benefit from. We believe that our partnership with HiFX ticks both those qualities and will be nothing more than a tremendous leap forward in delivering a top tier service.


HiFX is a UK based foreign exchange broker which has been providing money transfer services since 1998 to both personal and business customers. They have made a significant impact in the industry since their arrival spanning their services in every major country and various continents. Their longevity in the foreign exchange industry can only be attributed to their extremely competitive exchange rates and dedication to customer service.


Starting today users will be able to compare their money transfer and see HiFX amongst the search results for the corridors they seek. Just as we have always done, exchange rates will be as close to accurate as possible and will be handled by our dedicated SendThatCash account managers. Our account managers are responsible for getting our customers the best possible rate for the currency they request. Eventually, our customer’s money transfer will be picked up and completed by our HiFX partners.


Through the help of our account manager’s, users will also be able to schedule transfers in advance of a specific date. This service is more popular with businesses who are heavily involved in overseas trade and would like that part of their business handled by SendThatCash.


The partnership between SendThatCash and HiFX fully has been a smooth addition across our platform and will definitely be a guaranteed hit for our consumers. 

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