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Barack Obama gives farewell speech

Barack Obama gives farewell speech

Barack Obama stood on a podium in Chicago for his farewell speech yesterday. In his speech he outlined his achievements and accomplishments during his 8-year term in office. He also gives a dedicated yet emotional thank you to his family for their unconditional support.


United States of Americas first black president was elected into office 2008 representing for the democrat party. His campaign was to encourage hope and bring change. Many have said he was the president the needed after his predecessor George W. Bush was publicly dissected towards the end of his 8-year term.


His successor Donald Trump, who is a representative of the republican party, has declared he will undo a large number of changes Obama has made during his time as president. Many of these were the backbone of his presidential campaign which had him elected. Donald Trump steps into office on the 20th of January.


For the highlights of the farewell speech, watch the video below.

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