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TransferGo introduces Express Delivery

TransferGo introduces Express Delivery

Starting today you can send your money transfer for the next morning by 10am. TransferGo surprises us today with an all new express delivery service. We have all been in that situation of needing something done or delivered. Whether it be with your post or purchase, most industries have catered to that need. Today we share TransferGo’s Express delivery which emulates that solution.


To be eligible for the next morning delivery, you will have to get your transfer in before the 3:30pm (GMT) mark. It is as simple as you would normally transfer except you can now be privileged to get delivered to urgently. If you do however miss the cut off mark, the good guys over at TransferGo will be able to show you an approximation of when you can expect it the next day.


The next day delivery service is available across all of their corridors incase you think you may be missing out. Get started today by comparing the corridor you choose.

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