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How Sending Money Online Works!

To ensure you send your money quick and easy follow these 3 easy steps:


Use the tool box on the home screen and select where you are sending from and where you are sending to and the amount you would like to transfer (don’t worry! We do the currency exchange bit for you).


Then let our search engine load in seconds to locate the cheapest money transfer providers and foreign exchange companies with the best deals. Once listed just compare by using all the tools on screen..


We have a live inter-bank exchange rate feed updating every 5 minutes to help you compare with the rates companies are offering. Compare based on transfer fees and cut costs or compare based on amount received to give the recipient a better sum. Check the company profiles of each provider or foreign exchange firm to gain more insight into the background of the companies listed.


Simply click on the apply button when you have made a choice and begin filling in the simple registration form. All money transfer providers we list know you came from us which lets us cut our commission to cut your costs.