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Vorto Trading partners with SendThatCash for foreign exchange comparison

Vorto Trading partners with SendThatCash for foreign exchange comparison

We are proud to announce that Vorto Trading will be introducing themselves to money transfer comparison with SendThatCash. Vorto Trading has been a strong player in the foreign exchange market for a significant time and its only right that they diversify and expand with this us.


What will this mean for SendThatCash users?


Starting today all of our users will be able to send money to all corridors with Vorto and take full advantage of their extremely competitive rates. Our meticulous selection of providers on our consumer driven platform reassures our customer they are seeing nothing but the best providers available. For this reason, we can safely give Vorto our seal of approval for everything from customer service to prompt delivery.


How will I be able to transact with Vorto Trading?


Similar to all of our existing foreign exchange providers Vorto Trading provides rates for larger transactions, Specifically 10K and higher. This is to ensure that the best possible service is delivered to our customers. We advise instant money transfer providers to be your choice if sending below the 10K threshold as the process can become smoother. If you are a regular foreign exchange consumer or redistributing currency exchange services, then Vorto is your worthwhile choice.


Are rates cheaper with SendThatCash?


Yes. Vorto can provide rates going as low as 0.01% from the live exchange rate for many corridors. By sending through SendThatCash you can expect to receive those “below the market value” rates. With SendThatCash handling your transaction, and dealing with the tedious negotiations, you just need to worry about notifying your recipient of your money transfer.

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