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UK Forex is now becoming OZ Forex

UK Forex is now becoming OZ Forex

Money transfer and foreign exchange has been extremely healthy in its diversity of brokers offering customers their services. Later this month we will see one of the biggest and most influential foreign exchange providers merge which its parent and overseas sister company, OZ Forex. OZ Forex is essentially the branch of the Forex tree which previously would provide services to the Australian continental region, but is now coming to our side of the world.


UK Forex has made a huge growth in the UK since its launch in 2003. They have provided top tier services not just personal and business, but also other foreign exchange providers. What made them unique is their transparency in providing services between various subsidiaries. A customer or business who is resides Spain but is UK national looking to send to Canada can quite easily approach UK Forex for that service and be at ease knowing it can be handled immediately by any number of sister companies UK Forex wishes to utilise.


This merger will be an action to canonicalise the OZ Forex subsidiaries under one roof and strengthen the brand while doing so. The move will be able to bring a faster more efficient service to your foreign exchange.


Going forward, customers will be greeted by a new website and a new brand when looking to register online, any previous foreign exchanges you would have handled by its subsidiaries will be picked up by OZ Forex and treated as one provider.


This merger will be an exciting transition for the entire money transfer industry and could mean more surprises later on this year. We will be sure to keep you updated.

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