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January Money Transfer Review

January Money Transfer Review

International Money Transfer Stopped in Cameroon & Money Transfer business robbed in New York


Cameroon’s president Paul Biya has outlawed all international money transfer activity to and from the country causing many in the African nation to worry about their remittances. The government claimed on a state owned radio on 11th January that the move was in order to combat money laundering and terrorism. Moving forward all transactions will now be done nationally. This change in policy will surely affect money transfer users and operatives.


In other news New York robbers climb into money transfer business and take $65K. Hooded thieves scaled the security glass at a money transfer store in Queens NY before pistol whipping an employee and stealing thousands in hard earned cash. The owner of the business although too afraid to speak on camera explained that it was his wife who was attacked and required ten stitches on her forehead. Police believe that the robbers are also responsible for several other robberies and are investigating.

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