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Airport Bureau De Exchanges could be offering rip off exchange rates

Airport Bureau De Exchanges could be offering rip off exchange rates

Going on holiday is that time of the year where you wind down and relax perhaps with sun, seas and sand. Of course, to have this you may have to fork out that pretty penny, but when it comes to getting your exchange rates at the Bureau De Exchange you don’t expect to pay an arm and a leg. Apparently, this was the case over the holidays, many airline customers found that they paid a fortune at the airport.


Jason Hargreaves, a British Airways customer said “I’ve spent a lot of money on getting a holiday this year but it doesn’t help when you find out you’ve spent more than you should on exchange rates. You expect it wont be the best rates, but what I got was a rip off.”


Many like Mr. Hargreaves have been given an above the market value which only suggests that Bureau De Exchanges at the airport have capitalised on the need for holiday travel over Christmas. A calculation done by one of our travel money experts has suggested during these holiday periods, customers can expect to pay on the day a whopping 35% more on exchange rates. This is a large amount if you consider that having your currency converted before you arrive at the airport will save you 35% off your currency conversion.


Beth Hanson, an EasyJet customer said “When you fly out from Luton or Stansted airport with a budget airline you normally are looking for a cheap city break for a weekend or two. What you don’t need is the airport allowing establishments to raise their commissions on exchange rates over Christmas. That’s just immoral”


Ms. Hanson, is another irritated victim of the sudden price shifts over the Christmas period for exchange rates. Many like Ms. Hanson have complained to the airports and airlines about the exchange rates they have received; they are yet to hear any feedback.


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