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Istanbul stadium blast shakes the country

Istanbul stadium blast shakes the country

Over the weekend the life in Istanbul, Turkey was shaken by a suicide car bombing outside a football stadium. Two of the countries teams who played had emptied the stadium well before the attack. The car bomb was located right next to where police where stationed following the match and is said to have been on the security services and remaining supporters.


“The car which was passing by was remotely detonated, 45 seconds later a man was stopped where policemen were standing and that person blew himself up. Turkey faced two heinous bomb attacks.” – Turkish Deputy Prime Minister  


Of this incident 17 were reported injured and 6 are in intensive care. Turkey has seen a lot of violence in the last couple months specifically as an act of rebellion against the government and mostly religiously and politically fueled.  The country is now looking to the government and asking when it can look to emerge from the violence.


Earlier this year a Istanbul saw a coup against state officials including president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The plan was organized by an organization within the armed forced who called themselves “Peace at Home Council”. The coup failed after soldiers loyal to the state defeated them. These acts of rebellion are causing the people of turkey to live in fear of their lives during these times of turmoil and disorder.

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