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Brexit is here to stay but what happens to your EU citizenship?

Brexit is here to stay but what happens to your EU citizenship?

 A question that has been on everyone’s mind since the UK voted ‘leave’ in the EU Referendum, what will be the fate of those who still want citizenship in the EU post leaving the European Union? Well, to answer the question, European Chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said that it will offer UK Nationals the option to keep their citizenship after the UK leave.


For those of you who have not been keeping up to date the politics of United Kingdom, Back in June 23 the acting prime minister at the time David Cameron offered the Citizens of UK to take power of leaving or staying in the EU by facilitating a referendum. The purpose of the referendum was allow the nationals to feel included in a decision which could effect their lives significantly and thus so felt a referendum was in order to give them the right to vote. Although the majority of the parliament felt that staying was in their best interest the vote of leaving was decided by the country.


Earlier this week the EU negotiators confirmed that, following a proposal put forward by Liberal MEP Charles Goerens last month former EU members could grant their citizens “associate citizenship”  to travel and work freely.


Despite this proposal being negotiated, the plan to offer associate citizenship is likely to challenged by MEP’s and would need full support from all participating states before it is solidified. 

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