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Currency Converter

Traveling to another country can be a lot easier if you are aware of its exchange rate with respect to your currency. You will relate to this if you are a frequent traveller. But if you are traveling abroad for the first time then chances are you will have to deal with anxiety and annoyance that comes your way while understanding the whole currency and exchange rate thing.

Currency Conversion simply means converting the currency of one country into another which can be used. Though the amount you get totally depends on current exchange rates. You may receive less or more after the Currency Conversion.


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Using our Currency Convertor

Currency Convertor is a simple way in which you can evaluate the money you have with yourself and what you will get once you exchange it. Before going to a bank or any other place you should use any online Currency Convertor yourself to have a rough idea of how much currency will you get for the money you want to exchange. There are various Currency Convertor online or you can simply visit a countrys official website to do that. Or you can simply type Currency Convertor on your web browser and you will get the Currency Convertor.

Find your money transfer corridor

Once you are done with your homework next thing you need to do for conventional Currency Conversion is found your money transfer corridor. There are various money transfer corridors which let to transfer money by filling up a form and depositing the money. Via such corridors, you can send and receive money or simply exchange it for currency. Such methods can get quite hectic as you have to visit the outlet to perform actions. Other than that you might need to keep an identity proof and other details like passport along with you. Also, you will have to stand in long queues and fill in all the formalities.

Choose your money transfer provider

Just like money transfer corridor, there are various money transfer providers like banks etc. There are different methods to transfer money abroad but for that, you need to have access to the bank account in that country. Some of the most used money transfer providers are Western Union, Xoom, Moneygram, Transferwise etc. Starting with the Western Union which is the most sought after way to transfer money to another bank account with low fee for transfer followed for Transferwise which has cheaper exchange rates. Xoom provides you the various transferring option, Moneygram is spread over 200 countries which let you send money to most (not all) countries. Then there is OFX which charges no extra fee regardless of the amount.

All these methods have their own plus points but why settle for less when you can have everything at one place?

The conventional Currency conversion method can be quite hectic as one needs to do all the calculations, visit a particular outlet, fill in plenty of forms, stand in log queues, cross check all the details and the list goes one. And if the fate doesn't favor you their server can be down, they can be out of money.

The World has become a better place and is getting digitized with every passing day. So it's time to get along with it. There is a digital platform that will solve all your money related issues like overseas money transfer, Forex updates etc. and its called sendthatcash.

Sendthatcash a one of its kind online platform which allows you access to various actions. By using sendthatcash you can do money transfer and foreign exchange comparison in seconds. This site lets you compare among the world's most dependable money transfer providers and foreign exchange firms. They also assure safe and secure money transfer all around the world.

Other than that it allows its customers to look out for the best foreign exchange rates whilst letting you send money online, exchange currency online etc.

How to use sendthatcash?

To use sendthatcash you need to sign up with it to use their incomparable services. Once you create an account you can perform any of the following action you wish including Foreign Exchange, Global Money Transfer, Price Comparison, Sending Money Home, Overseas Payments,Living Abroad, Purchasing Overseas Real Estate, Travel Money or Financing.

Sendthatcash has collaborated with a list of international money transfer and Forex companies. You can choose any specific company you wish to choose depending on their ratings. Search-Compare-Send it is as simple as that.

So the next time you travel to another country be stress-free and use sendthatcash for all your transaction with no hidden terms and condition or hidden charges that too free of cost.