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Send Money To Denmark

Situated in the northern Europe, Denmark is ranked as the 2nd best economy in European Union. Covering an area of 43,098 sq km, the total population of the country is 5.6 million. There are numbers of smaller ethnic groups in Denmark, however it shares the border with Germany, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. Although the land is enriched with a glorious history of past, but the recent development in the country has positioned it in the list of the highly-competitive service-based economy.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, which is also the largest city in the Scandinavian countries. The official language of Country is Danish. The major industries includes the export of natural gas, machinery, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.  

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Currency Used

Denmark has successfully secure the place as the 2nd best economy in the European Union. The official currency of Denmark is Krone. The first Krone was introduced in 1880s. However as a part of the European Union, Denmark was going to opt for euro as the national currency. However, as a result of Edinburgh Agreement in 2000, the country decided to remain connect with the Danish Krone.

The Danish Krone is broken into:

Bills: 50,100, 200, 500 and 1000 kroner

Coins: 50 ore.1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 kroner.

One Danish Krone is equivalent to 0.11 British Pound and 0.14 US Dollar. 

Send Money with Bank Deposit

Denmark is becoming a strong economic society in all over the globe, the country is taking some vital steps in turning themselves as the first country to omit paper currency. Denmark is also of one of the world’s leading countries in the mobile transfer technology. This has made the whole process of money exchange much easier for the citizen. However, Denmark is considered as considered as fairly expensive as compare to other European countries, on the purchase of each product 25% of sales tax is applied along with the price of the product.

The banks opens from Monday-Wednesday and Fridays at 09:30-17:00 and on Thursdays a 09:30-18:00, whereas banks in the Copenhagen are open from Monday-Friday from 09:30-17:00.

While the official currency of Denmark is Korner, but many vendors in larger towns and cities easily accepts the payments in Euros. According to the Danish law, there are no restrictions on the import and export of the local and foreign currency. However, the authorities doesn’t allow to carry the cash that exceeds the limit of €10,000 or equivalent must be declared by the authorities if the person carry out the amount to the country or outside the European Union.

Moreover, personal cheques cannot be used by the visitors and some banks may refuse to exchange the large donation of foreign bank notes. 

Send Money Through Cash Pickup

Any major bank in Denmark would be able to send cash via international wire transfer. The major problem, however, is that they will likely to charge high fee and offer poor exchange rate.

With the recent change in event, Danes are now opting for the online banking system for sending and receiving money. E-banking is making its mark in the Denmark, as it is highly utilised by the citizens. There are over 3 million private e-banking channels and over 230,000 corporate e-banking options. However, for larger transfers there are international agencies for transferring money including Wester Union or MoneyGram, as these firms offer better exchange rates and minimal fees on transfers, allowing the user to enjoy the competent saving while providing quick and secure transactions.

Likewise, for smaller payments, people prefer to make their transactions through ATM by using a foreign card. However, for the withdrawal the user have to pay a minimal fee for the sending or receiving the cash.

In Denmark, almost third of the population use a bank app for the sending and receiving of their payment. Users can made their transactions by just swiping the mobile device while allow them to transfer their money with the blink of an eye. Moreover, the most used cash transferring app “MobilePay” has taken a vital step to fight fraud, by connecting the individuals’ application account to the to the country’s national insurance numbers. 

Money Transfer Regulations

According to the cash control regulations, an individual who carries cash of €10,000 or more must declare to it the custom department while leaving or entering the territory of European Union.

Under the rules and regulation of Danske Bank, anyone seeking to deposit or withdraw cash would be required to provide the SWIFT address of the foreign bank, IBAN number and name of the bank

However, there are some regulations for the transference of amount that has been implemented under EU regulations:

·             The amount has been transferred within the EU or EEA countries including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
·             The payers’ and payees’ must be able to process the transfer automatically.
·             The transferred cost must be shared by the payer and payee.

  Moreover, the fess on international bank transfer usually depends on the amount that has been transferred between the countries. There are certain charges applied for the cash transfer that has been defined according to the European Union Standard Transfer. Though, there are some restrictions on the transference of money:

·             The transference must be in Euros.
·             The cash limit cannot exceed to €12,500.00  

However, for smaller payments, Danes prefer to use ATMs which is quite convenient for the withdrawal of cash.