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About SendThatCash is one of the first ever money transfer and foreign exchange comparison websites. We provide users the opportunity to compare among the worlds fastest and reliable international money transfer providers and foreign exchange firms whom also are able to transfer your monies safely around the world. You can find the best foreign exchange rates to send your money online, exchange currency online, or if your business, let us contact reliable providers on your behalf free of charge to ensure you get the best deals. All in all we’re here to give you options.

Who owns this website? and are websites legally owned by Jamal Brothers LTD Company registration No. 07333228. is run by its owners and its staff who engage in all things money transfer.

When was it Launched?

The website was launched in September 2011 as a minimal viable product and has grown to be a leader in money transfer and foreign exchange comparison saving users hundreds and even thousands in transfer costs.

So how does this website help me?

We know what you're thinking “Why don't I just visit my bank for these services?” Traditionally banks were the most common way of sending money. But their high transfer fees and hidden costs have made them a bad choice for the bargain hunter who would like to make an international money transfer without costing them an arm and a leg. Banks are slow, expensive and in the 21st century the last thing you would want.

By comparing on our website you get the value of finding a great deal with a regulated and secure money transfer provider, but also do all this by turning on your laptop, tab or mobile phone. Compare on the go or compare in the comfort of your home we don't care! As long as it’s helping you send money online cheaper, faster and more securely.

Do I have to register to benefit from these great deals?

No! However, if you do register we can help you with better discounts, loyalty points, and use tools like Price Drop Alerts that can easily contact you by sending an email and a text message to alert you when we drop the price you have to pay to send money.

Do I have to pay to use all these services?

No! You don't have to pay for a single thing. Because we value our customers and we understand the difficulties of sending money that's why we aim to make it easier and cheaper than ever before!

Where do I start?

It's easy! Just use the tool box in the home page to get started.